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The Maturity Matrix is an attempt to articulate the complex nature of learning in relation to:

  • Two contexts: formal and informal;
  • Three spaces: the learning, working and social spaces;
  • Four components: learning, technologies and their combination in ePortfolios and Open Badges; and
  • Five maturity levels: Aware, Exploring, Developing, Integrated, Transformative.

The objective of the Matrix is to help organisations with the integration of ePortfolios and Open Badges as a means to transform educational practices. A large part of the matrix does not make any direct reference to ePortfolios or Badges, but to the underpinning elements related to pedagogical practices and ICT integration. Also, the Matrix aims at engaging organisations to reflect on their practices. Therefore it should be understood as a blue‐print from which customised matrices could be designed to suit the particular context of an organisation or a community.

The Matrix is inspired by the work done at Becta on e‐maturity, the Self Review Framework and ICT Mark (2006) now transferred to NAACE (revised in 2014), a previous ePortfolio maturity matrix developed by EIfEL (2007) and the Australian ePortfolio Project, the Australian ePortfolio Initiative, Australian ePortfolio Toolkit (2008) and the work from, JISC SURF. The full set of publications will be published in the final version of the Matrix.
The work started in mid 2013 and has undergone several major revisions based on feedback collected form a variety of audience. Once the Matrix is finished it will be redesigned and published on these pages along with an online tool.

The working version of ePortfolios & Open Badges Maturity Matrix is available at: - a pdf to download - a Googledoc open for comments



National languages versions:

  Matriz de Madurez de los ePortfolios y los Open Badges [Descargar documento]

  Mapa gotowości - e-Portfolio i Otwarte Odznaki [Pobierz dokument]

  Mapa gotowości - plakat [Pobierz plakat]

  ePortfolios & Open Badges Maturity Matrix - Indholdsfortegnelse [Download .pdf versionen]

  Matrica zrelosti ePortfelja i Otvorenih znački [Preuzmite .pdf dokument]

  Reifegradmodell für den Einsatz von E-Portfolios und Open Badges [Dokument herunterladen]

 Matrice de Maturité ePortfolio & Open Badges [lien]