Call for Contributions www.openepic.euMaking learners and citizens the leaders of educational and social innovationThis is the goal of the 14th edition of the ePIC conference that will take place in Bologna 27-29 October 2016. We want to open up technology and put it at the service of educational and social innovation. We want to think deeply about technology - not just its surface and trends but its newest ideas and applications - and technology to be the key to open up social innovation itself: open it up to new viewpoints and new paths. ePIC is a community of innovators, and here is everything we are asking you to help out with, and everyone we feel would be a great asset for this #openEpic community.We are looking for contributions on the following themes:Opening up Education: educating social innovatorsTeacher education, continuing education, competency based education, open educational practices (e.g. open assessment...
From ePortfolios to OpenLedgers — via OpenBadges and BlockChains
When I started exploring Open Badges a few years ago, I rapidly realised that not only were they a solution to several of the problems we had with ePortfolios, but they also had the potential to help us reinvent them — the Open Badge Passport initiative is our contribution to this. And now that I have started exploring the possible application of blockchains to Open Badges, I realise that not only were blockchains the perfect solution to a number of Open Badge problems, but they could also be a means to review our ideas on Open Badges altogether.What is a blockchain?A blockchain is...
Implementing Open Badges, emerging conclusions from the first Europortfolio Survey
The contextThe development of work on Open Badges, alongside e-portfolios, has been a strong feature if the Europortfolio Project, see the work on the Matrurity Matrix at for example.  But just how far on are with implementation?  The recent extension of a UK survey on Open Badge implementation gave us the opportunity to find out.Five-six colleagues from twenty-four countries represented within the Europortfolio community responded to this first survey, which gathered information on the implementation of Open Badges across Europe...
“Game Based Learning to support employability – Supporting Girls Career Choices in the field of ICT and Entrepreneurship” A Europortfolio webinar hosted by the Centre for Recording Achievement.
“Game Based Learning to support employability – Supporting Girls Career Choices in the field of ICT and Entrepreneurship” A Europortfolio webinar hosted by the Centre for Recording Achievement. Led by Bernhard Ertl Professor of technology-enhanced learning - Department for Interactive Media and Educational Technology, Danube University Krems, AustriaStudies have shown that female students show less active classroom participation in STEM (sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and ICT courses (e.g. Blickenstaff 2005). They also report a lower level of self-...
Thematic report: Higher Education
Thematic report on the use of ePortfolios in Higher Education was developed using the information available at the Europortfolio portal and a literature review on the topic. The main goal of this report is to provide an overview of current work on the use of ePortfolios in HE. In addition, it offers some insights into areas and topics that need further development.  
Thematic report: teachers' training
The report reviews the initiatives of e-portfolio used for supporting teachers’ professional development in various countries across Europe and beyond.It screens the practices reflected in the resources and presents the current status of developments.The report focuses on the presentation of resources targeted at the teachers published on Europortfolio Portal by its members in two sections: teaching practice and professional development.The appendixes provide the list of organisations and institutions dealing with e-portfolio at various levels and the briefing of the resources available...