The Europortfolio community is pleased  to announce the launch of the “ePortfolio Self-Development Study” MOOC on the EMMA (European Multiple MOOC Aggregator) platform. The MOOC, starting on June 15th, is offered in three languages (English, Spanish and Polish) is free,  and is addressed to individuals or institutions who want to learn how to use ePortfolios from different perspectives.ePortfolios are becoming increasingly popular due to  their capacity and flexibility  to be applied to a wide array of contexts as well as their ability to be used in a great variety of individual or organizational purposes. This MOOC stands on a set of seven independent modules that provides the conceptual and instrumental knowledge for the development of an ePortfolio solution that meet individual or institutional objectives.The MOOC is aimed at different audiences such as learners, teachers, employers, governmental administrators or professional bodies interested in implementing an ePortfolio for the...
The use of ePortfolios in Nursing Students: a Case Study from the University of Andorra
1. The problemThe assessment of clinical trainings (knowledge, skills and attitudes) carried out by nursing school professors and health centers, allowed to identify changes in the attitudes' area and the need to reinforce some formative aspects.At the same time, we changed the study plan and thanks to the design and the implementation of the ePortfolio’s project, we could contribute (1) to a reflection on the students' performance as for their learning process and (2) to the academic tutor's orientation and guidance.2. The contextThis project is carried out at the University of Andorra (http...
What's in the future of Mahara?
On 3 June 2015, the Europortfolio community organized a webinar in which I talked about the future of Mahara, the open source ePortfolio system. The presentation consisted of three parts:Overview of what Mahara is;How features make it into Mahara;The high level roadmap for Mahara.Mahara was started by New Zealand tertiary institutions in 2006 and has been an open source project from the start. Since its humble beginnings in a far-away country almost ten years ago, it has spread around the world and is used in hundreds of schools, universities, other tertiary providers, professional...
Europortfolio a key partner in International Research and Evaluation Seminar
 With colleagues from the USA and Australia, members of Europortfolio provided global leadership to the international seminar on the theme of  ‘Researching and Evaluating Recording Achievement, Personal Development Planning and e-Portfolio’ held in Plymouth, UK on the 16th and 17th April 2015.  Igor Balaban, Europortfolio co-ordinator, contributed to the introductory plenary session entitled ‘The global e-portfolio research forum:  joining the dots and identifying the gaps,’ and Europortfolio members contributed to several symposia sessions and research reports, including: Eportfolio...
EUfolio finalizes project with international conference on ePortfolio learning
Dublin Castle was the prestigious venue of EUfolio’s final event – an International ePortfolio conference, held on 22 April 2014.The conference was a big success with more than 200 people attending, and schools from Cyprus, Lithuania, Slovenia and Spain showcasing their experiences with ePortfolios in Lower Secondary schools. While the international participants had to confine themselves to send teachers and principals, Ireland’s schools were also represented by students.Keynote speaker Val Klenowski from Queensland University of Technology talked about “Accentuating the Social in the digital...
University of Toledo Launches Campuswide E-Portfolios
Students at the University of Toledo in Ohio now can create online identities that capture their educational experience, thanks to a campuswide e-portfolio rollout. The institution signed an enterprise agreement with online portfolio company Seelio, gaining access to data visualization tools, learning management and student information system integrations, a dedicated UT community on Seelio, as well as dedicated service support for portfolio implementation across all colleges. "The University of Toledo prepares students for successful careers with engaging classroom and experiential learning...