itslearning ( ), maker of the personalized learning management platform of the same name, has gathered statistics from sources like the "Harvard Gazette," Ambient Insight and PBS regarding the effect of mobile devices on the education of Generation Z, the cohort of U.S. students now starting to fill middle school classrooms. The findings, summarized in an infographic titled "Generation Z: Growing and Learning with Mobile," ( ) reveal that incorporating middle school students' mobile habits into classroom instruction can have a profoundly positive influence on their learning. The findings highlighted in the newly released infographic include the following: The small screens of mobile phones allow dyslexic students to read faster without sacrificing comprehension. Studies show standardized test scores are higher in courses where students use mobile devices than in offline classrooms....
University of Toledo Launches Campuswide E-Portfolios
Students at the University of Toledo in Ohio now can create online identities that capture their educational experience, thanks to a campuswide e-portfolio rollout. The institution signed an enterprise agreement with online portfolio company Seelio, gaining access to data visualization tools, learning management and student information system integrations, a dedicated UT community on Seelio, as well as dedicated service support for portfolio implementation across all colleges. "The University of Toledo prepares students for successful careers with engaging classroom and experiential learning...
E-portfolio helps to learn Polish schoolgirls and schoolboys
Everybody has his millions of ideas per second, and it is hard to remember them all; through e-portfolio can these ideas to save, and then describe your way to achieve your dreams, Luke Leder, age 18, Poland       Learning to learn is the key   In view of the challenges faced by all graduates of secondary schools-formal education in myślZaleceń European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union of 18 December 2006 on key competences for lifelong learning life - increasingly must in a practical way to prepare young people to enter the labor market through the development of specific...
The Open University launches Badged Open Courses
The Open University (OU) is building on years of knowledge, experience and research into Open Educational Resources (OER) with its release of innovative new free Badged Open Courses (BOCs). These have been developed in response to the needs of informal learners who are seeking access to study skills and to have their learning recognised. “We have listened to the changing needs and requirements of our informal learners using our open platforms” says The OU’s Open Media Unit Director, Andrew Law. “Badged Open Courses will complement The OU’s extensive and growing portfolio of OER on OpenLearn...
Thinking Beyond Me-Portfolios
The use of ePortfolios is growing. That is incontestable. However, most ePortfolio practice is still concentrated on portfolios about the author, rather than portfolios about activities, projects and placements: process based portfolios. This workshop explored 5 categories of process portfolios, discussing how they provide rich evidence for me-portfolios and provided valuable opportunities for portfolio rehearsal. Download the powerpoint here
Learning Plans and e-portfolios in the new Integrated Engineering Programme
UCL’s Faculty of Engineering Sciences is radically overhauling its undergraduate curriculum, explicitly incorporating professional development via reflective practice using a suite of online tools for students to develop intentional learning plans and log progress under the guidance of personal tutors and others. This workshop gave an early review of this new programme and sought peer input.   Read more about this workshop here