We have great pleasure in welcoming you to the third revision of the Europortfolio Portal! The latest version of the portal reflects the gain in maturity of the Europortfolio initiative. So far the Portal has undergone 3 major revisions. During the first and second phase of the project we have invited the community to help us establishing the map of ePortfolio initiatives, projects, organisations, people, publications, etc. Despite the imperfections of earlier  versions, the portal now provides access to nearly 500 entries, many interconnected, which is a good enough number to start exploring further how to make this information more accessible and useful. The new version makes it easier for the people registered on the Europortfolio portal to publish and find information as well as participating in discussions. Also, we added a variety of features based on your feedback so now you are able to start online cooperation in order to work with others, manage registrations for events and...
Europortfolio held a workshop at Online Educa
Wednesday 3rd December provided the opportunity for Europortfolio members to share their emerging ideas - and deliverables - at a hugely popular pre-meeting workshop at Online Educa at the Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin.  The event, following a project meeting on the previous two days, provided the opportunity: To brief colleagues on the new Europortfolio portal, newly launched, with the enhanced potential to support active collaboration amongst practitioners across Europe. For the formal launch of the German Chapter of Europortfolio. For detailed discussion of four key and innovative...
ePortfolio Experience at Faculty of Education, Rovira i Virgili University: A Case Study
ePortfolio Experience at Faculty of Education, Rovira i Virgili University: A case study 1. The problem Does eportfolio promote a deep learning approach and self-regulation of learning on pre-service teachers in Children Education? In order to find out this question a learning designed eportfolio strategy was used in order to cope with the demands of teachers training in the department of Pedagogy of Rovira i Virgili University. 2. The context The “Teaching and learning experimental sciences, social sciences and math” is a mandatory course within Children Education at the Faculty of...
Open Passport: Reinventing the ePortfolio from Open Badges?
There are two possible approaches to connecting Open Badges with ePortfolios: assimilation and accommodation. Assimilation looks at Open Badges as a nice add-on to ePortfolios. This can be done by adding a plug-in to an existing piece of software. It is what "Moodle as issuer, Mahara as displayer" (link).  Accommodation requires much more than adding a simple plug-in, it should be about rethinking ePortfolios in light of what we have learned from Open Badges. We should start by asking questions such as: what can we do with Open Badges that was not possible with current ePortfolios? How should...
Launch of Badge Europe!
London, Saturday 25 October 2014 saw the launch of Badge Europe! (acronym BEU!, pronounced “Be You”) an initiative aiming at creating the conditions for: Providing systematic access to the recognition of all learning, whether non-formal, informal or formal; Increasing the transparency, trustworthiness and quality of the recognition of learning achievements; Empowering individuals for more balanced relationships with institutions and authorities; Creating new opportunities for employment, social inclusion and learning  for all. More and more European countries are emphasising the importance of...
CfP: Digital Innovations in Teacher Education
Call for papers and reviewers! The University of Teacher Education Vienna is looking for contributions and reviewers for the “Reflecting Education Journal” special Issue: Digital innovations in Teacher Education”. Electronic portfolio is one of the topics! Deadline: 7.2.2015 CfP see here: http://podcampus.phwien.ac.at/zli/archives/462