The announcement of the workshop "Why do I need an e-portfolio and how to make it?"

If you want to acquire skills in the use of e-Portfolio and meet the possibilities of e-Portfolios in different contexts, we recommend the workshop: "Why do I need an e-portfolio and how to make it?"


The workshop will be held on 25.02.2015 in the HEART from 9: 00-12: 00 (Classroom A).


The workshop will be presented the possibilities of e-Portfolio, and will be described and presented uses of the system (1) as part of the learning activities, (2) to monitor student progress, and (3) as a tool for self-presentation.


More specifically, the workshop includes the following activities: creating and editing a personal profile, making dynamic resume backed by multimedia content, file management (creation, transfer, cleaning and display the file), publication and editing diaries (Eng. Blog), how to use the system for e-Portfolio in teaching especially for workgroups and projects, and for evaluation of students, monitoring their progress and creation of a personal portfolio for presentation of future employers. It will explain the preparation, organization and management groups (groups), add members, creating a digital repository and manage access rights to pages portfolios or collections of pages (ie. The allocation powers of access to certain materials and components of e-Portfolios).

Education / lifelong learning
Primary Education
Secondary Education
General Education
Vocational Education
Adult education