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The Maturity Matrix is an attempt to articulate the complex nature of learning in relation to:Two contexts: formal and informal;Three spaces: the learning, working and social spaces;Four components: learning, technologies and their combination in ePortfolios and Open Badges; andFive maturity levels: Aware, Exploring, Developing, Integrated, Transformative.National languages versions:   Matriz de Madurez de los ePortfolios y los Open Badges [Descargar documento]  Mapa gotowości - e-Portfolio i Otwarte Odznaki [Pobierz dokument]  Mapa gotowości - plakat [Pobierz plakat]  ePortfolios & Open Badges Maturity Matrix - Indholdsfortegnelse [Download .pdf versionen]
Ivan Alsina Jurnet
1. The problemThe assessment of clinical trainings (knowledge, skills and attitudes) carried out by nursing school professors and health centers, allowed to identify changes in the attitudes' area and the need to reinforce some formative aspects.At the same time, we changed the study plan and thanks to the design and the implementation of the ePortfolio’s project, we could contribute (1) to a reflection on the students' performance as for their learning process and (2) to the academic tutor's orientation and guidance.2. The contextThis project is carried out at the University of Andorra (http://www.uda.ad/index.php/en/), in the first year of the Bachelor in Nursing (180 CE, three academic years) (http://www.uda.ad/en/bachelor-of-science-in-nursing/).The ePortfolio has been implemented in a progressive way throughout three years of the bachelor, since 2011-2012 up to 2013-2014, in the six subjects of clinical trainings, during the formative periods, in health centers located in the Principality of Andorra as well as in Spain, France and Portugal.3. Teaching and learning activitiesThe ePortfolio activities are: Reflective Diary, Learning Evidence, Collaborative...
The objective of the Matrix is to help organisations with the integration of ePortfolios and Open Badges as a means to transform educational practices. A large part of the matrix does not make any direct reference to ePortfolios or Badges, but to the underpinning elements related to pedagogical practices and ICT integration. Also, the Matrix aims at engaging organisations to reflect on their practices. Therefore it should be understood as a blue‐print from which customised matrices could be designed to suit the particular context of an organisation or a community.
This webinar was hosted by Serge Ravet, ADPIOS on the topic of 'How could Open Badges transform ePortfolio practice and technologies?'This webinar took place on Tuesday 27th May 2014 at 11 am UK TIME Access the slides from this presentation hereAccess the recording at https://connect.liv.ac.uk/p786iz5rnoh/