EUfolio - EU Classroom ePortfolios is a project funded by the European Commission under the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme (KA1 - Implementation of the European strategic objectives in Education and Training).

The aim of the project is to design and test innovative ePortfolio models which will inform and support the implementation of innovative learning environments using ICT across Europe.

Project objectives:

  • To deliver a systemic analysis of the current policy approaches and developments on the use of ePortfolios in education, including assessment and evaluation of students, learning planning, and professional development of teachers.
  • To design potentially scalable ePortfolio models for teaching, learning and assessment use.
  • To carry out transnational implementation pilots in different contexts and approaches.
  • To draw valuable real-world lessons for deepening the use of ICT (specifically the portfolio approach) in teaching, learning and assessment going forward.
  • To highlight the evidence for the efficacy of ePortfolio teaching and learning approaches, as well as to promote strategies of effective practice, sustainable implementation and consistent management.

Main project outcomes:

  1. EUfolio Review of existing ePortfolio Policies and Practices (Report)
  2. EUfolio Process Specification
  3. Open Source ePortfolio Platform
  4. Microsoft based ePortfolio Platform
  5. Teacher CPD Resources
  6. School Case Studies
  7. Examplar ePortfolios
  8. Trans-national peer-to-peer online network of pilot schools and teachers
  9. EUfolio Policymaker’s Manual

The EUfolio consortium brings together 14 teams from 7 European countries (Ireland, Austria, Cyprus, Slovenia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Spain) in a collaborative research and implementation process, establishing a network of policy experts, researchers, educational experts and practitioners.

Number of users / participants: 
Starting date: 
Wednesday, 31 July, 2013