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EUfolio. EU classroom ePortfolios is evaluating the results of pilot implementations in lower secondary teaching and learning, preparing for the project’s final conference in April 22 this year. The implementations have been not only successfull, they also had a lot of positive side effects for the countries that participated in the pilot.   ePortfolios and the teacher training and mentoring of teachers connected with the implementation resulted in greater awareness of the importance of formative feedback – both by teachers and peers. Furthermore, skills in self-evaluation and a greater sense of responsibility for one’s own learning as well as more awareness of the peers’ progress were developed.   A video, produced by the Lithuanian partners of the EUfolio consortium shows experts’, teachers’ and students’ experiences with ePortfolio-based teaching and learning and provides with opinions of the protagonists of the Lithuanian pilot. As Dziulieta Jonikiene, one of the teachers who participated in the pilot, summarizes:   “This is a great tool for a student, teaching her/him to represent...
The day after Christmas 2014 Roger Ellmin passed away. He was a giant within portfolio research in the Nordic countries, where he was one of the first to bring the knowledge of it to Sweden after a visit to New Zealand in the eighties. I met Roger Ellmin at a Danish e-portfolio conference in 2005, where his enthusiasm and energy burned through to the last seat of the great auditorium where he was giving his keynote speech. I was fortunate enough to successfully recruit him as a founding member of what started out as the Danish ePortfolio Consortium. It has now evolved into the Nordic Chapter of Europortfolio. For he has also contributed to the newsletter. Since that first meeting Roger Ellmin was invaluable as a contributor to conferences and workshops evolving around portfolio in Örebro and Malmø in Sweden as well as several conferences in Odense all arranged by Knowledge Lab at University of Southern Denmark. One of these workshops resulted in a joint book on Portfolio Issues.  It meant a lot to me to meet Roger Ellmin and work with him. He was a great support in the...
We have great pleasure in welcoming you to the third revision of the Europortfolio Portal! The latest version of the portal reflects the gain in maturity of the Europortfolio initiative. So far the Portal has undergone 3 major revisions. During the first and second phase of the project we have invited the community to help us establishing the map of ePortfolio initiatives, projects, organisations, people, publications, etc. Despite the imperfections of earlier  versions, the portal now provides access to nearly 500 entries, many interconnected, which is a good enough number to start exploring further how to make this information more accessible and useful. The new version makes it easier for the people registered on the Europortfolio portal to publish and find information as well as participating in discussions. Also, we added a variety of features based on your feedback so now you are able to start online cooperation in order to work with others, manage registrations for events and cooperations, add content using contextualized menus, access your dashboard, and much more. As we plan to...
The use of ePortfolios is growing. That is incontestable. However, most ePortfolio practice is still concentrated on portfolios about the author, rather than portfolios about activities, projects and placements: process based portfolios. This workshop explored 5 categories of process portfolios, discussing how they provide rich evidence for me-portfolios and provided valuable opportunities for portfolio rehearsal. Download the powerpoint here
Open badges are becoming very popular within higher education. This practical workshop explored different kinds of badges including the criteria, process and design for your institution. This was a very hands on session with no technology required. Delegates explored the practicalities for their students.  Powerpoint available at
Stephen Downes, a specialist in online learning and new media technologies was one of the participants of Europortfolio workshop in Berlin.Igor Balaban - Europortfolio Community and Portalhttp://www.europortfolio.orgWe've completed one year of the two year project. 351 members from 52 countries are members - 3rd version of the portal was launched yesterday. The portal is the min driver, a getaway that allows people to work together. What you will see today are four key products we have been working on this year.The portal allows you to collaborate, to create and announce events, offline or online. You are also free to publish your recent work, to use the online collaboration, and to invite people to join you and produce a deliverable. Today we will look at some deliverables that may inspire you to get started.This started as a project; we hope it becomes a self-sustaining network. For now we have core partners, which should be mentioned. Serge Ravet - Mturity MatrixNow involved in another project called BadgeEurope.A few words about the matrix. How did we produce them? The idea was to provide...