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PORTFOLIO IN PRACTICE caters to everyone who has an interest in the use of portfolios in education. It contains a series of interviews with educational institutions that use portfolio. Portfolio may be a physical folder, bag or box, or it can be a digital folder. In the folder examples of the student or the student's work is gathered. It gives the pupil / student the opportunity to look back on his work and reflect on how much he / she has learned. The purpose of this book is to give a picture of how varied use is actually around the Danish educational institutions. It highlights the many different purposes portfolio meets the various programs, where it is used. Author is Elisabeth Agerbæk, MA - scientific assistent at Knowledge Lab, University of Southern Denmark
This paper provides an overview of some of the basic features of ePortfolio systems regarding their maturity level, purpose, typology and potential for student reflection. It also presents the results of the evaluation of two ePortfolio systems based on a student survey. In order to choose the appropriate ePortfolio system to be implemented, two systems (Mahara and Elgg) were tested in a concrete setting of a hybrid university course. Both systems were positively evaluated but the Mahara system was better accepted in terms of most of the evaluated attributes.
This Chapter describes the pilot project of ePortfolio implementation in blended(hybrid)course. It includes tips for implementing ePortfolio as well as students' and educators' impressions.
In order to describe and explain the ePortfolio once it is developed and implemented only descriptive methods have been used so far. Considering the importance of the ePortfolio today, it is necessary to understand and demonstrate the reasons for its existence as well as its development, source and origin. For that purpose a genetic taxonomy introduced as an IS taxonomy in 1997 will be used in this paper. In addition, the ePortfolio will be defined in terms of the Genetic Taxonomy Space (GTS) that enables direct comparison with other types of Information Systems.
For users to effectively use an ePortfolio it is of great importance to select the system which will support ePortfolio features according to their specific needs. For this purpose, a questionnaire which will enable organizations to evaluate ePortfolio systems, make comparison between two or more systems or to choose their future ePortfolio system according to user requirements was developed. In this paper, beside the questionnaire development, the comparison results between two ePortfolio systems: Mahara and ELGG will be shown as well as hybrid course settings in which the ePortfolio system was introduced.
This paper gives reflection on work-in-progress with the aim to identify ePortfolio as valuable Web 2.0 tool that enables learning according to reflective learning paradigm, as well as a supporting tool for teachers in the process of student's assessment.