The integration of students' artifacts created with Web 2.0 tools into Moodle, blog, wiki, e-portfolio and Ning

The use of Web 2.0 tools and services is attracting considerable attention of the e-learning community at the secondary and higher education levels. This paper focuses on the creation of students’ artifacts with various Web 2.0 tools (e.g. those for online creation of mind maps, block-diagrams, slideshow presentations, online comic strips, surveys, etc.) for assessment purposes and peer-to-peer learning. In spite of the educational potential of Web 2.0 tools, when numerous artifacts are created by the students using those tools the problem regarding the organization and presentation of their artifacts for peer-to-peer learning arises. In our paper we therefore present several solutions for organization and presentation of students’ artifacts with the use of the features of the popular LMS Moodle, as well as with the use of a wiki (MediaWiki), blog (Wordpress), e-portfolio (Mahara), and community network (Ning). Our evaluation of those tools is also presented together with several examples of their use.

Education / lifelong learning
Higher Education