Curriculum Development, Implementation and Evaluation of Project Integrated Online Training

New project management skills and processes are prerequisites to meet the challenges of the globalization. Enterprises, companies and institutions that are operating in transnational and distributed ICT projects on global market need highly qualified project-managers for virtual collaboration. Most training organizations and certification programs focus only on classical soft and technical skills. Participants and most important managers of distributed projects however need training and practice in virtual collaboration and intercultural aspects to be able to consider international socio-cultural issues encountered in business. Therefore, the target of Pool2Business (P2B) was to establish on the one hand a modular online course to address certain specific requirements and qualifications of a company as well language and culture specific differences between participants and on the other hand to ensure with Project Integrated Training parts that the learning outcomes can be immediately used in practical application. By following an adapted and extended ADDIE Model, the P2B-Consortium was able to establish the whole Curriculum more effectively by having the same strategies, following the same procedures and knowing the next steps to fulfill the target of P2B.


in Mukerji, Siran and Purnendu Tripathi: Cases on Technology Enhanced Learning through Collaborative Opportunities.

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