Your house of learning

EPNET member Lise Agerbaek participated as a speaker in TEDxEAL, where the subject was learning in general. The official theme was Each One Teach One. The subject of Lise’s talk is how you get to know your own learning. In it she compares the building of a portfolio as a reflective practice to entering one’s own house of learning. 

The opportunity for getting to know your way of learning is to pay attention to whenever you fail at learning. This can literally feel like hitting a wall. The great thing about hitting “the wall” is this is an opportunity to sneak along side it, find the door and enter this house of learning.

When you hit the wall Lise’s suggestion is this. Start stalking yourself. Sit down to read/train and notice what actually happens. When you stop – why do you stop? What are your feelings? What makes you hate yourself? Take notes. Make a drawing of yourself trying to learn. Notice situations when you are comfortable with your learning. And notice when you are not. Say the things that frustrates you out aloud. And listen to yourself. 

Accept the fact that it will take the time it takes. You are in charge in your house of learning. You are the only one in charge. Nobody else.

The entire talk can be streamed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__YvKrxmA6I

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