Educational Scenarios with E-Portfolios

Dealing with electronic portfolios is complex and demanding. Especially the implementation at the educational institution and the proper integration in daily demands of ongoing teaching and learning processes poses many challenges for students and teachers alike. This paper proposes an educational taxonomy as methodological approach to overcome some of these diculties. Theoretical foundations, construction and use of this general framework will be presented, its application for e-portfolios discussed. The goal is to develop a pattern language for electronic portfolios in higher education.

Peter Baumgartner (2011: Educational Scenarios with E-Portfolios. In: SCO 2011, ed. by Petr Sojka and Martin Kvizda, pp. 3-12, Masarykova univerzita, Brno, muni Press (ISBN: 978-80-210-5528-5). [Reprint of a paper, presented at the 7th confernce on Statistical Computation and Complex Systems (SCO 2011), Padova, Italy, 2011. Original publication: SCO 2011, ed. by Petr Sojka and Martin Kvizda. Masarykova univerzita, Brno, muni Press, pp. 3-12.]

Country:Czech Republic
Education / lifelong learning
Further Education
Higher Education