Maturity Matrix

The Maturity Matrix is an attempt to articulate the complex nature of learning in relation to:

  • Two contexts: formal and informal;
  • Three spaces: the learning, working and social spaces;
  • Four components: learning, technologies and their combination in ePortfolios and Open Badges; and
  • Five maturity levels: Aware, Exploring, Developing, Integrated, Transformative.

National languages versions:

   Matriz de Madurez de los ePortfolios y los Open Badges [Descargar documento]

  Mapa gotowości - e-Portfolio i Otwarte Odznaki [Pobierz dokument]

  Mapa gotowości - plakat [Pobierz plakat]

  ePortfolios & Open Badges Maturity Matrix - Indholdsfortegnelse [Download .pdf versionen]

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