Implementation Guidelines

The ePortfolio implementation guidelines aim at supporting implementation of ePortfolios on the school‘s, institution‘s and consortium‘s level.

General implementation guidelines gather the background, recommend models and approved processes and discuss the challenges for schools, institutions and consortia.

 General implementation guidelines [Browse on a wiki] [Download .pdf version]


Institutions‘ implementation guidelines analyse the context,  as well as challenges on pedagogy, management, HR and technology.

 Institutions‘ implementation guidelienes [Browse on a wiki] [Download .pdf version]

  Implementierungsleitfaden für Institutionen [Dokument zum Download]

Guia de implementación para Instituciones [Navega en la Wiki] [


Teachers‘ implementation guidelines provide insight into 5 implementation phases (exploration, planning, development, implementation and sustainability) with regard to the school setting.

 Teachers‘ implementation guidelines [Browse on a wiki] [Download .pdf version]

Wdrożenie e-portfolio - przewodnik dla nauczycieli [Przeczytaj na wiki] [Pobierz dokument .pdf


Consortia implementation guidelines deal with trust and alignment of vision and mission with the implementation processes.

 Consortia implementation guidelines [Browse on a wiki] [Download .pdf version]


Posters about implementation guidelines.

 Poster [Download]

 Plakat [Pobierz]