Europortfolio held a workshop at Online Educa

Wednesday 3rd December provided the opportunity for Europortfolio members to share their emerging ideas - and deliverables - at a hugely popular pre-meeting workshop at Online Educa at the Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin.  The event, following a project meeting on the previous two days, provided the opportunity:

To brief colleagues on the new Europortfolio portal, newly launched, with the enhanced potential to support active collaboration amongst practitioners across Europe.

For the formal launch of the German Chapter of Europortfolio.

For detailed discussion of four key and innovative Europortfolio deliverables:

1.     The Maturity Matrix, as database for self-review instrument and plans to develop a self-assessment tool to ensure this will become a dynamic resource for appreciating – and improving – organisational practice.

  1. The Competency and Recognition Framework, and how e-portfolio tools and technologies can support the recognition of competency across the occupational spectrum – from bricklayer to brain surgeon and back again.
  2. The online resources to support staff development – explicitly helping new practitioners to develop skills and expertise, and asking them challenging questions to support the development of innovative practice.
  3. Guidelines to support eportfolio implementation – for teachers, learners and institutions

Each consultative workshop stressed the potential for those participating to engage with, and contribute to, the development of these deliverables, thereby ensuring they meet practitioner need and improve practice.  Thanks to the explicit potential for ‘collaborations’ via the new Portal – see the orange icon above – these conversations can continue for the benefit of us all. More information to follow – for those attending the workshop and the 350+ signatories to the portal.  Plus the eight national Chapters of Europortfolio already launched, of course! 


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