Europortfolio dissemination event in Denmark, Sept. 24 2015

On Sept 24th 2014 the Nordic chapter of Europortfolio held a dissemination event for Europortfolio. The title was EVALUATION AND RECOGNITION IN EDUCATION: ALTERNATIVE WAYS. The general purpose of the day was to tell about Europortfolio, but also to hear from three researchers with practice within the field of evaluation and recognition. 
Ilona Buchem, from Beuth Technische Hochschuletold gave a lecture about recognizing students’ skills by awarding “batches”. It has happened in the format Open Badges - and she showed different examples of Open Badges. 
Janet Strivens and Rob Ward, The Centre for Recording Achievement, UK presented via Adobe Connect how UK universities work with “skills awards” to recognize extra curricular activities. This is often done to brand the university. Rob presented a personal development application used in Manchester called HEAR.
Lastly Donna Hurford, SDU Universitetsp√¶dagogik, Denmark, presented the use of a rubric based evaluation practice and held a workshop with the participants discussing how the use of a rubric could benefit their own work. 
Participants were from 11 different educational and business institutions accros Denmark. All in all a wonderful day.


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