The competency Framework

The Competency Framework offers an analysis of ePortfolio technologies and functionalities as they support the processes of competency recognition and accreditation. It consists of two sections:

  • Section One: Issues in the assessment and accreditation of competencies. This section sets out a general understanding of the nature of competency and identifies key aspects of and issues in the processes of recognition and accreditation.
  • Section Two: Integrating ePortfolios (and related technologies) into competency recognition processes

This section identifies the different functionalities of ePortfolio tools and technologies which support different aspects of competency recognition and accreditation processes.

The objective of the Framework is:

(a) to create a transparent definition and common understanding of the language and processes of competency recognition and

(b) to deconstruct the ePortfolio concept’ to enable a better understanding of how different technological capabilities can contribute to building effective competency recognition/accreditation processes.

The current version of the Framework is a working version. It is being presented to a range of audiences to test for comprehensibility and consensus. A final version will be published on these pages. This version will include a link to a spreadsheet of national organisations and frameworks related to competency recognition/accreditation which will be editable in order to be kept up-to-date.