Recommandation of Europortfolio resources to Danish secondary education

Lise Agerbæk, chairman of the Nordic Chapter of Europortfolio, is the author behind the latest issue of Gymnasiepædagogik - a magazine targeted Danish secondary schools. The title is “Europortfolio”. This issue describes the Europortfolio project’s results and how they may benefit the work with portfolio in Danish secondary schools. The following are some of the recommendations:

Suggestions for use of results of the EuroPortfolio project in secondary education 
First of all, the project's web portal is a rich and diverse resource in relation to knowledge about the use of ePortfolier in relation to education in general. Here is an overview of the European knowledge and practice in the area along with a link to a very extensive network. I would like to
encourage all readers to register as a user. It's free and gives access to the portal, with the ability to create news, events and more.

If you wish to reflect on your standpoint in relation to the use of ePortfolio, you can especially consider using the ePortfolio Maturity Matrix, as a
very extensive and detailed tool to reflect on your own practice. It also provides an opportunity to look at where the nearest development zone
in relation to the further implementation can be found for the individual teacher or for the educational institution as a whole. This opportunity for reflection is supported by self-assessment tool that provides a clearer answer to one's own position in relation to the use of

If you want an overview of European research around the implementation of ePortfolier the implementation guidelines provides a fine
overview in different organizational levels: for the individual teacher, for the institution, for interdisciplinary cooperation (consortia) and on a more general level. Here is a really great resource with access to specific European databases in the area. 
Finally, self-study course provides an opportunity to help both strategic and practical considerations concerning the use of ePortfolio. The course’s
seven modules recommend a range of activities that can help the user at various levels to use ePortfolio in a learning context.

How to get hold of it
The issue of “Gymnasiepædagogik” no. 104/2016 was published August 2016 and is available online here: http://www.sdu.dk/om_sdu/institutter_centre/ikv/formidling/gymnasiepeada.... The issue of “Gymnasiepædagogik” is in Danish.

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Education / lifelong learning
Secondary Education