Join the conversation about the future of ePortfolios

Europortfolio community invites you to join our collaboration on the ePortfolio green and or white paper.

If ePortfolios are such a wonderful thing, we should all have one, shouldn’t we? Why isn’t this the case? What does it say about the state of the art of learning and technologies? Is it because technology is not mature enough? Is it because the learning environment, especially the formal one, is not conducive to ePortfolio practice?Put differently, what is the causal relationship? Is the underdevelopment of ePortfolios an indicator of the current underdevelopment of authentic learning and assessment, or do we seriously believe that any valuable ePortfolio practice can take place in an unauthentic, artificial learning environment?

All this and much more is tackled in the ePortfolio Green paper.

On the other hand, we are also trying to reinvent ePortfolio technology and practice based on the questions raised in the Green paper and emerging technologies. If you want to explore the potential of a promising technology to build the next generation of ePortfolio technologies and imagine practices that were not possible before the rise of public, distributed ledgers, join the collaboration arround ePortfolio White paper.

We are using Google Doc, a practical means for collecting comments and editing suggestions. The whole process is entirely public. The editing is performed by Serge Ravet who produced the initial draft on which you are invited to contribute. Join us here and contribute to the challening statements, practices and technologies that will shape the future of ePortfolios!

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