The future of ePortfolios: Opportunities and Main Challenges for the Europortfolio Community

EUROPORTFOLIO, the network of European ePortfolio experts and practitioners, was present with a workshop at the EADTU conference in Hagen, Germany on October 30, 2015 (9 a.m.-11 a.m.).

This workshop, entitled “Bridging the Gaps and Joining the Dots”, focused on EUROPORTFOLIO’s ePortfolio & Open Badges Maturity Framework and OERs and MOOCs on ePortfolios.


However, there is a range of further achievements within the EUROPORTFOLIO project, such as a Competency Framework which is an important driver for the use of ePortfolios for the recognition of prior learning as well as for assessment and accreditation of competencies at schools, universities, or at the workplace. EUROPORTFOLIO also provides its network with ePortfolio Implementation Guidelines for different stakeholders.


ePortfolio experts and practitioners who are networking within EUROPORTFOLIO do benefit from various opportunities. Nevertheless, the community is also facing challenges, especially with the project (EUROPORTFOLIO is built thanks to a funding of the European Commission) approaching its end.


As a conclusion of  the workshop at the EADTU conference in Hagen, Germany the audience reflected on their perspective.

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