The Annual AAEEBL Survey at Two: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

This report on the second year of the annual Association for Authentic, Experiential, & EvidencedBased Learning (AAEEBL) survey provides insights into the landscape of ePortfolio adoption and use within academic settings in the United States and abroad from the perspective of a self-selected sample of the organization’s members. This report identifies the demographics of ePortfolio practitioners and explores the relationships among teaching beliefs, ePortfolio practices, and specific ePortfolio technologies. Drawing from data from the 2011 and 2012 administrations, emerging trends and preliminary findings begin to inform topics and sub-groups for future investigation, particularly with respect to the impact of ePortfolio pedagogy, technology, and culture on teaching beliefs operationalized as teacher, learner, and learning-centered orientations. The outcomes of this work have implications for the design of future deployments of the AAEEBL survey, but also for more targeted studies of ePortfolio implementations in specific disciplines and demographic groups.