Serge Ravet

Serge Ravet is Innovation Director at ADPIOS, a not for profit organisation created in 2010 to address the issues related to identity construction in a world where digital and networked technologies colonise an ever increasing space in our lives. ADPIOS is one of the outcomes of a ten year partnership between EIfEL, the European Institute for E-Learning, and Espace Mendès France, a leading centre for the diffusion of scientific, technical and industrial culture, with active partnerships in Europe, the USA, Québec, South America and the Caribbean.
Serge is also the creator of  the European Institute for E-Learning (EIfEL, 2001),  the European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning (EFQUEL, 2008) and the Internet of Subjects Forum (IoS Forum, 2010).

Serge advocates a holistic view of learning and knowledge technologies, integrating individual, community and organisational learning. His work on ePortfolio and identity construction (EIfEL had the objective that every citizen should have an ePortfolio by 2010!) has led him to publish The Internet of Subjects Manifesto, and launch the IoS Forum, to explore the opportunities for creating a world where individuals are in full control of their personal data to lay the foundations of a society and economy based on more balanced relationships between individuals, institutions and businesses.

Combining both technological and pedagogical expertise (30 years experience in learning technologies, training and human resources development) with work experience in Europe and the USA, he is retained as a learning technology expert, a consultant in a number of European projects and a keynote speaker. He has published numerous articles on individual and organisational learning technologies, ePortfolios, competency development and recognition, quality systems.

Since 2003 he has also led the organisation of international ePortfolio and Identity Conferences (ePIC) in Europe (Poitiers, La Rochelle, Oxford, Cambridge, Dublin, London, Maastricht) and beyond (Hong Kong, Melbourne, Auckland, Wellington, Quebec and Montreal).