Roger Ellmin

Roger Ellmin is a partner in Ellmin & Ellmin and has written a long list of books on Portfolio.

Since 1995 Ellmin & Ellmin / Platform Portfolio is working with research on, education in, and development of portfolio and portfolio methodology. We have a development programme that helps schools to introduce and develop portfolio. The programme, which includes five days over a two year period, is structured around: preparation - implementation - practicing - evaluation - further development (elaboration). We have, so far, carried out development work at about a hundred schools and other educational institutes around the Nordic countries. We are building portfolio from pre-school to adult education.

We are also offering separate courses/training days, arrange seminars and conferences, and write books and produce teaching-aids. We have trained more than 30,000 pedagogues at different types of schools. Among our clients are separate schools, universities and university colleges, State-owned and private educational organizers. We are now expanding our work towards the rest of Europe.