Marcelo Fabián Maina

Marcelo Fabián Maina is a lecturer in Technology Enhanced Learning at the eLearn Center, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).

As a teacher, he coordinates courses of the Education and ICT Program and lectures courses of the Master in Education and ICT (e-learning). He obtained a BA in Communications and Education from the Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos (Argentina), a Master in Communication Sciences from the Université de Montreal, and his PhD in the Information and Knowledge Society Programme at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona. 

His dissertation is on learning design, with a special focus on design practice exchange. His research encompasses such topics as learning design methods and tools, formalization of different pedagogy approaches, personalized learning, open educational resources and practices, and learning ecologies. He is currently member of the Edul@ab research Group where he develops his research interests. He has also coordinated research and innovation projects as well as lead European project work packages. He has co-authored peer-reviewed publications in scholarly journals and conference proceedings ( He has participated in conference scientific committees, as well as a reviewer in teaching innovation symposiums.

As an OER enthusiastic, he has participated and participates in European projects related to OER and OEP of the Life Long Learning programme “CONCEDE” and “OERTest”, and of the AlfaIII programme “OportUnidad”. He has contributed to the OER repository at UOC “O2” and to the UOC Open CourseWare initiative. He has promoted the approach through webinars and interviews.

He is currently participating in the EPNET project.