Igor Balaban

Igor obtained a PhD in ePortfolios. His special interest is the success of ePortfolio implementation in across sectors. He has led pilot projects of ePortfolio implementation at FOI. Has also held several workshops and lectures about ePortfolios (webinars and f2f lectures within University). He was engaged as a team member in e-Learning and ePortfolio Strategy development at FOI. Has experience in several international and national projects (such as FP6, Tempus, IPA, COST). Moreover, he has been involved in FP6 iCAMP project as the only facilitator from Croatia. In 2012 he has became a member of Twintide COST project, again as the only member from Croatia.

He is a coordinator of the Europortfolio: a European Network of ePortfolio Experts and Practitioners, Jan 2013 - Dec 2015, a 3-year project under LLP KA3-ICT funding scheme.

Igor Balaban is also a reviewer for several international conferences as well as for some journals like International Journal of ePortfolios, International Journal of Information Systems and Computers & Education. He is a member of organizing committee of the ePIC, the international ePortfolio & Identity conference. His entire ePortfolio is available here.

List of relevant publications: 

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