Heidi Philipsen

PhD project on Danish films in the 90s, focusing on the Danish Film School.
Thesis: "The film's wave breaks. A prismatic analysis of Breaking the Waves - theoretically reflected by narrative, cognitive and movies philosophical approaches with a focus on the spectator's empathetic perception.
The article: "When You've Got to Go, You've Got to Go - Aspects of Nueve Vidas" in pov No. 11, 2001, released by the Department of Information and Media Studies University of Aarhus.
Co-editor of the book: "the like" - realism in theory and contemporary art.
Academic Publishers 2002.
"The spice of life" in ECHO No. 15 November 2002.
Co-editor with Rikke Schubart at: Made in America - Trends in Modern American film (2003).
The article "Last Lap - changing gears on road movie genre" in Genres criss-cross (2004, ed. Katja Teilmann).
Finished PhD thesis: Danish film new wave - based and image files from the Danish Film School (2004).
In 16-9 (www.16-9.dk):
June 2005: "A father is a danger to the family"
April 2004: "New Danish 'do not feel-good film" - An Interview with Annette K.
Olesen "November 2003" The art of limitation on the Danish Film School "
"Canteen and the food's importance to the Danish Film School" (2005) In Medias Res # 1
Editor MedieKultur No. 42/43 "Everyday life in the media - The media in everyday life" (along with Unni From)
The article "Authenticity Strategies in Trier trilogies - to create affective through effect" in Media Culture No. 42/43.
The book Moving Media Studies - Remediation Revisited is set for release (September 07), here's Heidi editor (with Lars Qvortrup)
The article "Remediation in Trier trilogies - An Analysis of Anaother Kind of Creating immediacy" of Moving Media Studies - Remediation Revisited (2007)
The article "Media and multimodality in Oluf Høst Museum", in OnEdge No 2, 2007.
Ariklen "A frame fixed film school culture - the dogma at the Danish Film School" in Culture and Class No. 103, 2007.
The article "All about Ang Lee" in 16-9, November 2007