Chris Millson

I work with technology to support learning and reflection in Higher Education. As Online Training Manager, I manage and develop eLearning resources for Careers at the University of York, to support students' career and employability development. I have worked at York since 2007, am a freelance web developer, and enjoy exploring both the pedagogical and technological sides of ePortfolios and eLearning. I have lived in Durham, Oxford, Osaka and York and enjoy collaboration and meeting people from different countries/backgrounds.

I have used web technologies to develop tools to support e.g. reflection, skills self-assessment, evidence gathering and action planning, and have experience with Blackboard enhancement and integration, particularly using jQuery and Ajax. At the moment, I'm interested in how an ePortfolio of any sort can be presented as a series of small activities, to guide a user through interacting with it.

I have an interest in ePortfolios and this is a great network to be part of. If you're interested in talking further, find me on LinkedIn or Twitter.