University of Bremen

The University of Bremen is a higher education institution with approximately 23,500 people from 115 countries who are studying, teaching, researching, and working in Bremen (Germany). The university was founded in 1971 and nowadays consists of 12 faculties in Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences and the Humanities. It has become the science center of North West Germany and is one out of 11 "Universities of Excellence" in Germany.

The university has a most notable reputation in political science, industrial engineering, digital media, physics, mathematics, microbiology, geosciences (particularly marine geosciences), and European law.

Some of the paths that were taken in the early days of the University, also referred to as the "Bremen model", have since become characteristics of modern universities, such as interdisciplinary, explorative learning, social relevance to practice-oriented project studies which enjoy a high reputation in the academic world as well as in business and industry.

The university is responsible for the development of the ePortfolio system EPOS. The system is widely used in the Language Centre of the university as well as in many other universities and educational institutions in Germany and other European countries.

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