Pistes Solidaires

Pistes Solidaires is an association of education which works to promote knowledge, the competences and attitudes in favor of justice and equality in a multicultural society and in the interdependent world. Pistes Solidaires was created with the ambition to raise awareness about global problems and to show the potential of  change, but also to help people understand the links between their lives and the lives of other people all over the world.

 Pistes Solidaires  work according to the values of sharing and mutualisation popular educationWe share the desire to create and animate, and the various initiatives of  people who want change and development in the aspects of solidarity, humanism, mutual tolerance and the respect towards environment.

If education is the heart of our association, education for sustainable development can be seen as its structure.

We see education as a whole and also our educational actions- which last throughout life- based on the 4 pillars of UNESCO : Learning to know, learning to do, Learning to be and learning to live together.

3 departments structured the organization and its work : learning mobilities ; european cooperation and social and sociocultural development.

Street:1 rue Richelieu
Postal code:64000