Claroline Connect LMS

At the beginning of the nineties, the University of Lyon 1 developed Spiral, known today as Spiral Connect. Around the same time the UniversitéCatholique de Louvain created Claroline, which is globally distributed and supported by an international consortium composed of several international partners, the Claroline Consortium.

In 2008, Spiral Connect and Claroline decided to create a new-generation platform together, making it possible to meet a variety of uses in a variety of contexts. Claroline Connect is poised to bring more transversality (among the different roles, resources, and tools) than platforms the architecture of which has remained arborescent, linear and compartmentalized.

Claroline Connect is an open-source software. It can be downloaded freely. Anyway, the Claroline Consortium wants to focus mainly on the development and the promotion of its software. That’s the reason why Forma-Libre, the Claroline Service Company, was created in 2015 in order to propose personalized services to organizations and companies: hosting solutions, training, customer’s support, personalized advising, and so on.

Forma-Libre develops all the specific functionalities its customers need for their training. The structure of Claroline Connect allows the quick and simple development of them.


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