CEMEA del Mezzogiorno

The CEMEA del Mezzogiorno are a non-profit organization that belongs to the movement of CEMEA (Centers Exercise in Methods of Active) and interfaces in Italy with the Italian Federation of CEMEA, accredited by the Ministry of Education 'Education, University and Research, and with the International Federation of CEMEA, which is advisory member of UNESCO (Statute B), the Council of Europe, the European Youth Forum, Eurojeunesse of 2000, and the European Federation of Education (FEE). On the territory of the Lazio region, but with a strong commitment toward the south of Italy as a work area, the Cemea the South seeking to develop training and education that go in the direction of a citizenship and active solidarity and not charitable , which allows for adults, youth, children and their educators, to be actors aware of the choices that affect them and the world around them, to contribute to its evolution, from a perspective of individual and social progress. In the city of Rome promotes education through active several local services developed and supported thanks to the law 285/97 on childhood and adolescence: when one promotes early childhood center, 3 Entertainment Centres, 1 teen center and 1 youth center. Training (environment, intercultural, parenting etc ..) both national and international educational projects with the participation in European programs for youth and adults (Youth in Action, Euromed Youth, LLP - Leonardo Da Vinci, LLP - Grundtvig, Europe for citizens, the European Fund for Immigration and European Social Fund), complete the picture of the association's activities. Learning through international mobility and the active participation of young people and adults, together with the development staff and their skills, the engine of the actions promoted by the South Cemea always in close relationship with the territory and with the involvement of the widest possible Reality interested or specialized on the topic of the proposed action.

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