Created in 2010 to address the issues related to identity construction in a world where digital and networked technologies colonise an ever increasing space in our lives, the specific competencies of ADPIOS in relation to this project cover research and development in the field of learning technologies and identity construction, in particular ePortfolios and Open Badges.

ADPIOS is the outcome of 10 year activities of Espace Mendès France in the field of knowledge economy, learning territories, organisations and technologies. Born in the 70s from the idea that science should go to the people, demonstrating how scientific activities can be accessible to all — and even fun! — Espace Mendès France is now one of the leading centres of its kind in France and Europe with active partnerships in the USA, Québec, South America and the Caribbean.

ADPIOS is the organiser of ePIC, the International ePortfolio & Identity Conference (

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