The Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL, pronounced "able") is a non-profit, professional organization for the world eportfolio community.  AAEEBL's mission is to deepen learning and to transform institutions with electronic portfolios.

ePortfolio community leaders recognized in 2008 that eportfolio, as a technology, and as a body of theory and practice, had emerged as a promising influence and direction for education. They believed in the value of eportfolio for learning, assessment and life-long career success.  These leaders envisioned a professional association to serve the emerging field and to underscore the scholarship and implementation of eportfolios for learning. AAEEBL was formed in 2009, anchored in the foundational roots of the eportfolio community. Since its founding, AAEEBL affiliations and collaborations have reached a wide array of initiatives, projects and organizations.

As the only full-time, year-round professional eportfolio association AAEEBL is committed to serving both educators and the eportfolio industry. AAEEBL services -- conferences, resources, community connections, webinars and a bi-monthly newsletter, to name a few --  are available to the global eportfolio community. 
Institutional members receive special benefits, and Corporate Affiliates gain opportunities. 

Support from institutional memberships and from Corporate Affiliates, along with  grants, make it possible for AAEEBL to provide services and strategic leadership.