•            New Portal for the ePortfolio Community Feature            2
•            Maintaining an ePortfolio will become tomorrow's equivalent of achieving certification and polishing up one's resumé
•            Does the use of a portfolio motivate learning?
•            Punished by Open Badges?
On the Watch            7
•            Empowerment goes ePortfolio: ICT & entrepreneurship for girls
•            Developing competencies of occupational therapists with ePortfolio
•            Everything you want to know about ePortfolios
News            10
•            Croatian Europortfolio Chapter
•            Nordic Europortfolio Chapter
•            French Europortfolio Chapter
•            ePortfolios in the UK
•            Lessons learned from ePortfolio implementation at Nottingham University
•            Portfolio in Sweden – Alive and Growing
•            Badge the World, Badge Europe
Events            14
•            Conference review: New visions on Microlearning and OERs
•            ePIC 2013 Proceedings available
•            Open Badges Conference Calls
•            MoodleMaharaMoot 2014
•            Mahara UK Conference 2014
•            ePIC 2014: Evidence-Based Learning

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