• Building Europortfolio Together
  • Feature
    • ePortfolios Revisited
    • Open Badges, Tin Can, LRMI can use InLOC as one cornerstone
  • On the Watch
    • Getting acquainted with ePortfolios
    • Eporfolio for the generation of trust in MOOC peer assessment
    • Europortfolio in EFQUEL Innovation Forum
    • Open Badges and Trust
  • News
    • Open Badges supported by Moodle 2.5
    • Mahara now Displays Open Badges
    • The new look ePortfolio for trainee GPs at the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)
    • Nurses across New Zealand can now build their competency portfolio online
    • Improving academic practice through technology: the Digital Patchwork Text Project
  • Events 
    • Open Badges Conference Calls
    • Tin Can xAPI + Open Badges
    • There is value in self-presentation
    • ePortfolio Australia
    • Bringing it all Together
    • ePIC 2014: Evidence-Based Learning
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