On the Watch

by Nicola Abbott
Implementing Open Badges: your opportunity to contribute to the first international survey of Open Badge implementation! Open Badges are a relatively new development in Education.  This first survey of practice will help us to discover where institutions are up to with interest in, and adoption of, Open Badges across Europe and beyond, the purposes people are using Badges for, and to find out what the perceived barriers to implementation are.So, if you have an interest in Badges you can contribute by completing our survey at http://bit.ly/1O5o5yF.Your support with this is greatly appreciated. The final research will be published in RAPPORT  (The International Journal for Recording Achievement, Planning and Portfolios) published by the Centre for Recording Achievement, and a summary of... Read more
by Andrea Ghoneim
The project ATS2020 (Assessment of Transversal Skills 2020) aims at creating a model for student learning and the assessment of transversal skills. Coordinated by the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute (Anastasia Economou), the project will implement the model in about 25 schools in each of the 10 participating piloting countries. This large scale experiment will be accompanied by a CPD programme for teachers, impact evaluation and policy recommendations at national and EU levels.The kickoff for ATS2020 took place in March 2015 in Limassol, Cyprus. While the first phase of work was mainly devoted to agree on a set of skills which will be the basis of the framework and the experimentation, the second partner meeting in Ljubljana had an additional focus on technology and tools for the support of... Read more

News Room

by Nicola Abbott
A recent survey into the implementation of Open Badges, based within the UK, has confirmed that show that there is a lot of interest in their use, but the majority of institutions who responded[1] are at an exploratory stage.  Specifically, the concept of Open Badges seemed to be accepted, but there were several issues raised that are inhibiting their adoption.  These fall into two main categories: Institutional level consultation While some academics are using badges within modules, there were only two institutions where badges had been implemented fully across the institution with a policy or framework to support this implementation. Many responses demonstrated instead that it was individuals or small pilots exploring the possibilities of badges without any... Read more