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by Nicola Abbott
In the UK Jisc is undertaking a Study on “Technology for employability”.  Part of this is exploring how e-portfolios are being used in the higher education, further education and skills sectors, specifically in relation to developing student employability. If this is of interest to you and you have experience to contribute, please consider completing the  online survey.  This can be reached at https://jisc.researchfeedback.net/wh/s.asp?k=143168770453 – there is only one page of questions and it will be open until Friday 5 June. We hope that you can take time to share your experiences of e-portfolios.  Contributions will be used to inform a report which will be published over the summer.
by Andrea Ghoneim
Dublin Castle was the prestigious venue of EUfolio’s final event – an International ePortfolio conference, held on 22 April 2014.The conference was a big success with more than 200 people attending, and schools from Cyprus, Lithuania, Slovenia and Spain showcasing their experiences with ePortfolios in Lower Secondary schools. While the international participants had to confine themselves to send teachers and principals, Ireland’s schools were also represented by students.Keynote speaker Val Klenowski from Queensland University of Technology talked about “Accentuating the Social in the digital Age of Assessment.” She emphasized the difference between just being connected via Social Media and communicating with other beings. Not all students – who often... Read more
by Igor Balaban
Stephen Downes, a specialist in online learning and new media technologies was one of the participants of Europortfolio workshop in Berlin.Igor Balaban - Europortfolio Community and Portalhttp://www.europortfolio.orgWe've completed one year of the two year project. 351 members from 52 countries are members - 3rd version of the portal was launched yesterday. The portal is the min driver, a getaway that allows people to work together. What you will see today are four key products we have been working on this year.The portal allows you to collaborate, to create and announce events, offline or online. You are also free to publish your recent work, to use the online collaboration, and to invite people to join you and produce a deliverable. Today we will look at some deliverables that may... Read more
by Nicola Abbott
The UK Minister for Skills recently commissioned the Further Education Learning Technology Action Group (FELTAG)  to make recommendations regarding the use of technology in Further Education - and in particular the barriers placed in the way by Regulatory Bodies, Funding Bodies and Awarding Organisations. The full report - and Government response - is available here .While eportfolios do not feature recommendation 5 reads: Awarding bodies to explore the use of “open badges” to accredit learning in virtual environments and digital skills.The Minister's response included the following:"We believe in the power of technology to transform education. From disruptive technologies like Open Badges, through to better use of technology to improve the teaching and learning experience,... Read more
by Nicola Abbott
The first meeting of the UK Chapter of Europortfolio – in the form on an online webinar – took place on 7th May with support from the Centre for Recording Achievement (CRA) and Jisc.  Three short presentations – from Sarah Chesney on ‘user perspectives’, Shane Sutherliand on ‘technological possibilities’ and Peter Hartley on the ‘research agenda’, provided a context for discussion and served to emphasise that many of the issues in respect of effective implementation are not UK specific but are likely to be interest and relevance to the wide Europortfolio community.  This webinar, jointly convened by the CRA and Jisc, provided an opportunity for UK practitioners to1. Learn more about the Europortfolio project, an EU... Read more

News Room

by Nicola Abbott
The Open University (OU) is building on years of knowledge, experience and research into Open Educational Resources (OER) with its release of innovative new free Badged Open Courses (BOCs). These have been developed in response to the needs of informal learners who are seeking access to study skills and to have their learning recognised.“We have listened to the changing needs and requirements of our informal learners using our open platforms” says The OU’s Open Media Unit Director, Andrew Law. “Badged Open Courses will complement The OU’s extensive and growing portfolio of OER on OpenLearn and provide learners recognition for their achievements through assessment – for free.” The team at The OU who produced the... Read more
by Nicola Abbott
RSC on Open Badges published 19th Feb 2014    This webinar covers  - Concepts of open badges, understanding and awareness - Design: what to bear in mind for open badges system design, content design and brand design - Tools available for uou to get started with issuing and creating open badges    Video available at the youtube link below  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rCGqBdiv78