On the Watch

by Nicola Abbott
UCL’s Faculty of Engineering Sciences is radically overhauling its undergraduate curriculum, explicitly incorporating professional development via reflective practice using a suite of online tools for students to develop intentional learning plans and log progress under the guidance of personal tutors and others. This workshop gave an early review of this new programme and sought peer input. Read more about this workshop here http://www.recordingachievement.org/news-and-events/events/post-event-re... 
by Nicola Abbott
Student led session at the CRA (Centre for Recording Achievements) 14th Annual Residential Seminar in Birmingham  Download powerpoint here http://www.recordingachievement.org/images/pdfs/SEMINARS/sk.ppt
by Nicola Abbott
Open badges are becoming very popular within higher education. This practical workshop explored different kinds of badges including the criteria, process and design for your institution. This was a very hands on session with no technology required. Delegates explored the practicalities for their students.  Powerpoint available at https://www.haikudeck.com/building-badges-education-presentation-6iuQ4Qi...

News Room

by Igor Balaban
Wednesday 3rd December provided the opportunity for Europortfolio members to share their emerging ideas - and deliverables - at a hugely popular pre-meeting workshop at Online Educa at the Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin.  The event, following a project meeting on the previous two days, provided the opportunity: To brief colleagues on the new Europortfolio portal, newly launched, with the enhanced potential to support active collaboration amongst practitioners across Europe. For the formal launch of the German Chapter of Europortfolio. For detailed discussion of four key and innovative Europortfolio deliverables: 1.     The Maturity Matrix, as database for self-review instrument and plans to develop a self-assessment tool to ensure this will become a dynamic... Read more