On the Watch

by Igor Balaban
The contextThe development of work on Open Badges, alongside e-portfolios, has been a strong feature if the Europortfolio Project, see the work on the Matrurity Matrix at  http://europortfolio.org/matrix for example.  But just how far on are with implementation?  The recent extension of a UK survey on Open Badge implementation gave us the opportunity to find out.Five-six colleagues from twenty-four countries represented within the Europortfolio community responded to this first survey, which gathered information on the implementation of Open Badges across Europe and beyond.   Three quarters of respondents were from Higher Education.  The detailed results will be available shortly, here we provide some headline conclusions: Our initial... Read more
by Nicola Abbott
For some years now, the Colegio Apóstol Santiago of Vigo (Spain) has had a Mahara ePortfolio available to students and teachers of the secondary school. Our Mahara is linked to Moodle for single sign-on. I started to use Mahara to introduce my students (and myself) to the concept of ePortfolios. The goal was to create an ePortfolio for science to present at the end of the course. I already had an idea about what I wanted and expected from my students. But the first problem I had to face was not a pedagogical but an ICT issue. I soon realized that I had to teach my students to use Mahara. Although the usability of Mahara is getting better with each new release we must admit that it’s still difficult for those who want to log into their account and start creating a simple text page... Read more
by Paulina Paduch
This paper uses the example of an Internet-based advanced studies course to show how the portfolio method, as a competence-based form of examination, can be integrated in a blended learning design. Within the framework of a qualitative analysis of project portfolios, we examined which competencies are documented and how students reflected on their competence development process using portfolios.

News Room

by Igor Balaban
In the online learning environment it is important to select an effective way of presenting the artifacts that are created by the students who perform various course related assignments. In this paper the authors discuss the features of ePortfolio systems, usability issues, adoption problems, and other issues that are relevant for the effective use of an ePortfolio as an educational tool. However, the main focus of the paper is on the practical experiences in the use of an ePortfolio system for the presentation of students' artifacts and assessment of their work. Two case studies of ePortfolio usage for assessment purposes are presented in this paper.Add-on (2015-07-23) by Andrea Ghoneim: the mentioned paper is obviously the following:Ćorić, Ana; Balaban, Igor; Bubaš, Goran.Case... Read more

News from the Chapters

by Elisabeth Agerbæk
On Sept 24th 2014 the Nordic chapter of Europortfolio held a dissemination event for Europortfolio. The title was EVALUATION AND RECOGNITION IN EDUCATION: ALTERNATIVE WAYS. The general purpose of the day was to tell about Europortfolio, but also to hear from three researchers with practice within the field of evaluation and recognition. Ilona Buchem, from Beuth Technische Hochschuletold gave a lecture about recognizing students’ skills by awarding “batches”. It has happened in the format Open Badges - and she showed different examples of Open Badges. Janet Strivens and Rob Ward, The Centre for Recording Achievement, UK presented via Adobe Connect how UK universities work with “skills awards” to recognize extra curricular activities. This is often... Read more