Online Webinar
What's in the future of Mahara

This online webinar will be led by Kristina Hoeppner, Mahara Project Lead, Catalyst IT.

In this presentation, Kristina will give you a brief overview of how features make it into Mahara, who can participate suggesting features and implementing them and what the roadmap for Mahara looks like. Kristina will reveal changes for Mahara 15.10 but also give insight into the long-term plan for Mahara.

About Kristina

Kristina is the Mahara project lead and works with the core Mahara developer team at Catalyst IT in Wellington, New Zealand. She supports Mahara users around the world online, face-to-face and by documenting Mahara features in the user manual. Since joining Catalyst in June 2010, Kristina has been working with clients to support organizational learning using educational technologies and making Mahara and Moodle a part of the wider technology landscape.

Besides work, she is an avid photographer of benches and other more or less curious things.

You can register for this webinar here.

The webinar will held on Wednesday, June 3, 09:00 AM (UK time).

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