Launch of Europortfolio

On July 10, the last day of ePIC 2013, you are invited to participate in the first Europortfolio General Meeting. It will give you the opportunity to contribute to the launch of a major initiative that should advance the transformation of the 21st century learning landscape.

The goal of Europortfolio is to exploit (related) ePortfolio technologies and practice to empower individuals as reflective learners and practitioners, organisations as a place for authentic learning and assessment, and society as a place for lifelong learning, employability and self-realisation.

During the Europortfolio General Meeting you will have a chance to:

  • Review the initial outcomes of the Europortfolio initiative;
  • Discuss the foundations of Europortfolio (goals, charter, statutes, etc.);
  • Plan future actions, initiatives and projects;
  • Join the Steering Committee that will take the responsibility for the process of establishing Europortfolio as a not-for-profit organisation;
  • Become a National Coordinator.

The incorporation of Europortfolio is a two stage process:

Stage 1: the role at this stage is to invite all people and organisations wishing to take part in the creation of Europortfolio.

Stage 2: the incorporation of Europortfolio as a self-sustainable organisation based on the recommendations and decisions made during phase one under the supervision of the Steering Committee.

Europortfolio will be an independent European association, working with existing organisations and networks, within and outside Europe. European Networks will be able to join the Network College, while non-European members will be able to join the International Chapter.

A series of documents will be made public before the end of May 2013. You will be notified, so you will have a chance to review, comments and make suggestions.

If you are interested in joining the Europortfolio Steering Committee and/or act as a national coordinator, please contact us: email

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