"ePortfolios & More" Seminar

The Developing Role of ePortfolios within the Digital Landscape

A Collaborative International Seminar 

23-25 May 2018 

Dublin City University

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Hosted by Dublin City University and facilitated by AAEEBL (the Association for Authentic, Experiential and Experience-Based Learning) and the CRA (the Centre for Recording Achievement), this second collaborative international seminar will focus upon the contributions ePortfolio technologies can bring to the wider learning and development landscape. We will particularly emphasise the relationship of ePortfolios and related technologies to:

● The management of learning by institutions
● Support for increasing the agency of individuals in their roles as learners
● Connections to systems and strategies which support such approaches to learning
● Enhancement of the ‘digital capabilities’ of students and staff.

Including the engagement of distributed/distance learners with formal and informal learning.

Formal and Informal Contexts for Learning
Support for learning and progression in formal educational environments; within workplace settings (for example as part of Degree Apprenticeships in the UK and
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provision in employment), and in informal (co and extra-curricular) contexts.

Supporting social and geographical mobility, specifically by enabling digital student data portability as envisaged by the signatories to the Groningen Declaration, amongst others.

The presentation of learning outcomes, not only by enabling individuals to present holistic accounts of their own development based upon clearly constructed narratives, but also in connecting to digital credentials related to curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular learning.

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