Gesellschaft für Europabildung e.V.

Gesellschaft für Europabildung e.V. (GEB) is a certified non-profit organisation that is functioning as an educational training centre. At present our main aim is education and vocational education. In our area, we are working as advisors for institutions such as schools, small and medium-sized companies and administrative institutions. We have a strong network of European partners and we are helping in the planning, realisation and evaluation of European projects.

Assessment Strategy: Managing and Supporting Assessment Designers

Aims of the webinars:

Workshop: E-Portfolios und Open Badges (Europortfolio-Netzwerk)

Am 13. E-Learning Tag der FH Joanneum am 17.9.2014 werden Klaus Himpsl-Gutermann (PH Wien) und Andrea Ghoneim (Donau-Universität Krems) ab 15:50 im Rahmen eines Workshops nicht nur das EUROPORTFOLIO-Netzwerk und seine Produkte präsentieren.

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