DUBLIN INTERNATIONAL EPORTFOLIO SEMINAR: short extension to the initial closing date for proposals

Greetings everyone, and my apologies for any/all cross-posting.

Summer will soon be with us, our plenary presenters are confirming their involvement, sponsors are signing up, and proposals for our Dublin seminar already flowing in.  However, it's a hectic time and, based upon feedback from the community - and with thanks to those who have already submitted proposals - this is to let you know that the first closing date for proposals for this event has been extended by two weeks until Monday 5th March.

"ePortfolios & More" Seminar

The Developing Role of ePortfolios within the Digital Landscape

EPOS - The ePortfolio System for Self-directed Learning

EPOS supports self-directed and task-based learning at school, in higher education and lifelong further training. It focus on subject-specific competencies, inter­disciplinary qualifications, and key competencies, like language learning or project work. EPOS supports the whole ‘learning chain’, from self-evaluation of existing competencies via the determination of one’s own learning objectives and project-oriented learning tasks to the documentation of one’s learning outcomes.