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Since its foundation in 1995, CUAS has made history. Back then we started with 2 programs and about 70 students; currently we offer 30 study programs that educate almost 2000 full- and part-time students. About the same number of CUAS graduates is impressive proof of the necessity and importance of this academic institution. Through ever growing acceptance of the programs as well as the high demand for our graduates in industry, the programs will be further developed in the coming years.

Information Technology Interfaces ITI 2010

The mission of ITI Conference is to promote the communication and interaction among researchers involved in the development and application of methods and techniques within the broad framework of information and communication technology.

 The Conference is relatively small (about 200 participants), but it has a long tradition (since 1974) of creating an inspiring, productive and pleasurable atmosphere for interdisciplinary communication among researchers, scholars and professionals from various sub-fields of ICT arena.

Central European Conference on Information and Intelligent Systems

The Faculty of Organization and Informatics (FOI) has been organizing its international conference since 1989, with an exception of 1991, when the war prevented it from taking place. Today’s Conference began as a symposium, first held between 19th and 23rd December 1989, under the title Information Systems in Office Operations. The participants presented 40 papers in the field of design and development of information and intelligence systems, and information society training.

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