Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet

Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet is an institution that provides the advanced information and communication infrastructure for the education and science system in Croatia.

Navreme Boheme, s.r.o.

Navreme Boheme, s.r.o. is a dynamic and innovative consulting company as well as research-driven SME.

ePIC 2013, the 11th international ePortfolio & Identity Conference

Contemporary media (digital, social and mobile) is transforming the landscape of identity, education and employment. The centralised, top-down, mass media model on which most of our institutions are based is facing assaults from the emerging decentralised, bottom-up, networked, agile social  knowledge media. While old  power centres are being challenged, new ones are emerging: they are based on the systematic collection, analyse and exploitation of the mass of data produced in our daily life.

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