Participación de la UOC y EPNET en el 3er Encuentro Internacional de e-Ciencia (Colombia)

Los pasados 13 y 14 de mayo tuvo lugar en Barranquilla (Colombia) el Tercer Encuentro Internacional de e-Ciencia. Se trata de un evento organizado por la red Renata Colombia y  Ruta Caribe que contó con 1.555 preinscritos y la participación de más de 600 asistentes presenciales. El encuentro incluyó distintos debates acerca de los siguientes tópicos:

Teaching for Active Learning 2015 Conference at the University of Southern Denmark, nov. 3rd

Activating teaching and active learning is the guiding principle of education at SDU. This conference is to inspire and disseminate knowledge and experience on how student learning is promoted in accordance with the fundamental principles of SDU.

The target audience is primarily teachers from the University of Southern Denmark and University Colleges in Southern Denmark. The conference is open to all interested, and abstracts and registrations from teachers from other national and international universities and other educational institutions are very welcome.

Europortfolio dissemination event in Denmark, Sept. 24 2015

On Sept 24th 2014 the Nordic chapter of Europortfolio held a dissemination event for Europortfolio. The title was EVALUATION AND RECOGNITION IN EDUCATION: ALTERNATIVE WAYS. The general purpose of the day was to tell about Europortfolio, but also to hear from three researchers with practice within the field of evaluation and recognition. 
Ilona Buchem, from Beuth Technische Hochschuletold gave a lecture about recognizing students’ skills by awarding “batches”. It has happened in the format Open Badges - and she showed different examples of Open Badges.