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Senior Pass is a european project arised from the Grundtvig program, which ambition is to value the senior place in our societies, professionally and socially, and to give them a way to recover an active place, even a job.

Indeed, today the population ageing is a european phenomenom, problem which is deal which the innovatives, transnational, and effectives solutions of the « European year of active ageing and intergenerational solidarity ». To facilitate active ageing can be resume in finding some ways and solutions to reinforce the 50 years people social and professional activity.

To answer this challenge, Senio Pass offers an inoovative path of training course and learning process, especially conceived to leadunemployed seniors to their knowledge, savoir-faire and abilities recognition. More than a classic learning process, Senior Pass is at the same time a path and a concret and innovative tool which will allow people involved to develop news abilities, highlight themselves, restore their self-confidence and be capable to find an active place in the society.

Concretly, Senior pass is divided in four complementary phases.

The senior support (1) will be use to identify the seniors abilities and savoir-faire, elaborate an e-Portfolio and organize the coming mobilities, according to the seniors’ professional projects.

The learning mobilities (2) will allow five senior to realize a three weeks voluntary service in a partner organization, while some local network members, all involved in the adult assistance, will benefit from a five days international job shadowing.

The transmission phase (3) will give the senior an oppotunity to ensure the continued existence of the knowledge acquired during the mobilities by making it a method form or an activity form which will contribute to the Senior Pass kit.

Finally the knowledges broadcasting (4), via the Senior Pass website and the ePortfolio platform provision will ensure that the new methods discovered all the project along will be used again in the future.

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Adult education
Social Inclusion