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MOSEP - More self-esteem with my e-portfolio

MOSEP (More Self-esteem with my ePortfolio) is an innovative project that started in August 2006 for a 2 year period and was funded under the European Commission's Leonardo da Vinci Programme.

The focus of the project MOSEP lies on ensuring that all school students – particularly those in the critical transition stage of 14-16 years – will be enabled to develop and demonstrate their full potential.

MOSEP is harnessing the power of electronic portfolios (e-portfolios) as a means of supporting both young people and the teaching and counselling staff who work with them. A strong European partnership – from Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and the UK – is working closely with a network of experts across Europe to produce an e-portfolio ‘toolkit’ specifically designed for initial and in-service teacher trainers and vocational counsellors.

Successful implementation of the e-portfolio approach demands re-thinking the way we approach teaching and learning today. Teachers require specific competencies to support learners in creating and maintaining their e-portfolios – and in evaluating the outcomes. For the learners themselves, the challenge is to acquire the necessary competencies for building a portfolio and, more fundamentally, developing as reflective learners and accepting greater responsibility for their learning journeys and careers.

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