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ePortfolio for Youth Work

The project main aim is to develop approaches and online tools for youth trainers and workers on how to use ePortfolio in non-formal youth trainings for exploring topics like: 

1/ ePortfolio for communication, career development, self-awareness and assessment; 

2/ ePortfolio as a tool for social inclusion; 

3/ ePortfolio and social networks as a tool for social activism and campaign activities; 

4/ Safe in Internet issues (ownership of media and data, privacy issues, information protection etc.) 

Project target group involves: 

a/ youth workers and youth trainers;

b/ youth leaders of youth organizations or centers;

c/ young team leaders and youth project leaders; 

Project products

  • Online interactive tool with demo ePortfolio system. The multimedia tool and the ePortfolio system are open source (Mahara software based) and demonstrate how to use ePortfolio in youth work for the purposes mentioned above; 
  • Online user guide with short theory about ePortfolio as a training method for purposes of self-awareness, self- assessment, communication, campaigning, activism etc. Training approaches and how to organize youth workshops using ePortfolio; 
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