Recording and Slides - UK Chapter Webinar

The first meeting of the UK Chapter of Europortfolio – in the form on an online webinar – took place on 7th May with support from the Centre for Recording Achievement (CRA) and Jisc.  Three short presentations – from Sarah Chesney on ‘user perspectives’, Shane Sutherliand on ‘technological possibilities’ and Peter Hartley on the ‘research agenda’, provided a context for discussion and served to emphasise that many of the issues in respect of effective implementation are not UK specific but are likely to be interest and relevance to the wide Europortfolio community.  

This webinar, jointly convened by the CRA and Jisc, provided an opportunity for UK practitioners to

1. Learn more about the Europortfolio project, an EU funded network of eportfolio experts and practitioners .

2. Consider how the development of a distinctive UK network might add value to our own work and that of the Project as a whole.

3. Reflect upon the current position in respect of eportfolio implementation in the UK, with an explicit focus on the emerging opportunities and challenges.

4. Participate in the first distinctive UK HE eportfolio survey since 2005, via a follow on activity.

Stimulus contributions looking ahead to emerging challenges and opportunities will be provided by:

  • Rob Ward, Introduction Slides. To view the slides please click here 
  • Sarah Chesney, on emerging user (staff and student) roles. To view the slides  please click here 
  • Shane Sutherland, on emerging technological possibilities. To view the slides please click here
  • Professor Peter Hartley, on key questions, (particularly key research questions) for the future.

A full recording of this webianr can be found on our Youtube page here 

 As a first step we’ll be building on this by a wider survey of UK practice, which may itself be replicated in other Europortfolio contexts, and has the potential to provide rich comparative data to inform understanding across the Project.This webinar took place on Wednesday 7th May 2013 and was the first europortfolio UK chapter webinar